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5 surprising features of fully automatic washing machines

5 surprising features of fully automatic washing machines

Washing machines have become more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. When you have a washing machine at home, you can put dirty laundry in it, and utilize your time for other activities. A washing machine saves your efforts and time and ensures stain-free clothes at all times. If you desire the least hassles, you should consider investing your money in fully-automatic washing machines. This article highlights features of a fully-automatic machine, thereby, allowing you to identify the best washing machine in India. Do you want complete information about fully-automatic machines? Check that here.

Wash and Spin without Intervention

What’s the major difference that separates fully-automatic washing machines from other machines? The mode of operation is the main difference. The fully-automatic machine is capable of washing and spinning the clothes in a single procedure. Thus, you will put in dirty laundry and at the end of the process, you will receive neat and tidy clothes in dried form. The single drum or tub is capable of performing both the tasks. Thus, there is no need for human interference at all. Fully-automatic machines are available in two types – top load and front load.

Energy Efficient

These machines are classified as energy-efficient appliances. One of the reasons is that the process takes place continuously without any obstructions. You don’t need to remove and move laundry during the process. Thus, it saves a considerable amount of energy. In comparison to another type of washing machines, fully-automatic machines are capable of washing more clothes. This further saves energy and time. Last but not the least, front load fully-automatic machine uses a minimal amount of water for washing clothes. As water shortage is a problem in India, we can undoubtedly classify this appliance as the best washing machine in India.

Inverter Direct Drive Technology

Fully-automatic machines are technologically advanced, and this is evident from the integration of Inverter Direct Drive Technology in washing machines. In this mechanism, the motor is directly attached to the drum, without any use of belts and pulleys. This means that the mechanical energy is directly transferred to the drum from the motor. This prevents energy losses due to energy dissipation and further enhances the responsiveness of the washing machine. It also reduces the possibility of wear and tear as the extra parts like belts and pulleys are not required anymore.

Wash Modes for Removal of Stains

Fully automatic machines have either agitators or impellers. Most of these washing machines use tumble wash mechanism for washing and drying of clothes. There are multiple washing modes in these washing machines. The wash modes depend on various parameters like the number of clothes, the fabric of clothes, duration of wash, temperature conditions, and so on. For a specific type of stains, there are dedicated wash modes. To preserve the quality of the fabric, you can use special wash modes. Similarly, use energy-efficient modes to save water and energy. If you ask about the best washing machine in India, we would definitely recommend fully-automatic machines to you.

Built-in Heating Systems

During winters, cold water can be harsh for some clothes. Not only this, sometimes, you need warm or hot water to remove tough stains. Fully-automatic machines are equipped with built-in water heating systems. You can enable the heating system, set the temperature to get hot water in the drum. This feature allows you to wash clothes comfortably, removing toughest of the stains.

Fully-automatic machines are slightly costlier than semi-automatic machines. But if you demand comfort and superb wash mechanism, you should definitely opt for fully-automatic machines.