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5 Tips to Quickly Build Your Property

Commercial of the detached house , your profession evolves and plans without perspective are no longer enough. The objective of Cedreo Home Planner is that you spend as little time as possible organizing your property , while offering a qualitative perspective of your project to your clients . Even if the important thing is the layout, when you publish an interior or exterior perspective , it is advisable to decorate a minimum to anchor your prospect in his real estate project .

Discover 5 tips for  the quick layout of a property.

1. Draw the lawn (walkways and terraces), without circumventing your property.

You surely say to yourself: “but no I can not cross my house with lawn, it will see! ” and no! When you draw a real estate on Cedreo Home planner , there is automatically a slab of 20 cm which is created underneath, the lawn of not exceeding 4 cm, save time and dedicate it to your project! On the same principle, if you have traced the lawn and you need to add: a terrace or a driveway, no need to start again, trace on the lawn directly!

In image ca gives:

I draw a large rectangle of lawn:Plotting the lawn of a property on Cedreo Home Planner

I add an alley and / or a terrace over my lawn:screenshot of the garden layout of a property on Cedreo Home Planner

Practice no?

2. Packs and ambiences in the product and coating stage.

You may have noticed that in each tab room, there are furniture and packs. The advantage of the packs is that they are already decorated (a table with flowers and plates, a bed with bedside tables, a shelf with towels …), they are a considerable time saver ! But if you do not dare to put too much your personal style in a real estate , you also have the moods. The difference? The atmospheres are grouped under 3 types (Nordic, Contemporary and Charm). You have the objects by piece, and everything is validated to make sure that the objects agree with each other. No need to ask about which armchair would go with your sofa and coffee table!

To save you time,  these atmospheres are also available in the coating stage! You have the tones and the material that will suit without needing to test before!

An example?

Inside perspective of a child’s room with the Nordic atmosphere realized in 5 minutes:Perspective children's room of a real estate arranged on Cedreo Home Planner

3. Duplicate a product, sash or liner

Saving time saves clicks. That’s why in options, you have “continuous selection” a very handy tool when need to quickly furnish.When you put your doors, you often have the same dimensions for a type of sash and the same color of carpentry for all. For example, 2 leaves in the rooms: you take the sash you want, then adjust its size and choose its color. Then you check “Continuous selection” and click on the “duplicate” thumbnail. You will have the same sash with its characteristics always at the end of the mouse. When you are done, the spacebar on your keyboard allows you to deselect. In the same way for products (plants outside for example or books on a shelf) you will go faster to arrange your property . Concretely I can lay a hedge to delimit my land and shrubs along my driveway in a few clicks only:Screenshot of a property with garden on Cedreo Home Planner

4. The 2D View

And yes, we are a 3D drawing software , but we also use the 2D to furnish and lay the coatings. Here’s how: When you switch to 2D (just below the steps “Outside” and “Product”) and uncheck all levels, you have a “top” view of your property. Thus, it is easier to arrange furniture and fixtures on the ceiling for example. Just iron in 3D to make the adjustments if needed.

Here:2D plan of a real estate

5. The global application

The last tip, and not the least: the overall application. There are those who have known Cedreo Home Planner before and after the appearance of this feature that has concocted us the great team of developers of Cedreo Home Planner . The principle? Apply a coating on a wall panel to paint the entire room. Very useful ! Especially for exterior plaster! If you only want to paint a wall, you can obviously uncheck “global application”.

property located on Cedreo Home Planner

The overall application is also useful for identical doors or products. For example, changing the color of the chairs around a table, the color of the facades of the kitchen furniture … I invite you to try it is a real time saver. I hope that with its 5 tricks, you will save time on interior and exterior fittings and increase your sales . Do not hesitate to share your tips on the Cedreo Home Planner software and your best visuals on Facebook or by commenting on this article.