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5 Tips to Succeed and Harmonize Your Home Decor

Harmonize Your Home Decor

Reproducing Pinterest images is not given when you do not have the necessary tools and you do not know exactly how to match the styles. The house is more than a nice setting, a place where we spend a lot of time in it. No need to favor aesthetics instead of functional. Trends do not go to any spaces and personalities and the white linen settee of deco magazines is not recommended for those who have little cabbages at home. Even if I remain convinced that the ideal is to call on a professional, I think it is possible to create harmonious environments while keeping in mind some simple tricks, but essential!

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1- Prefer the natural brightness. We keep telling you that, but it’s because it’s one of the most important things in a development project. Investing in bay windows or daring to separate rooms with an indoor canopy can be a very good idea. It creates a passage of light from one room to another and gives a charming charm to the house. Window doors are also a source of natural light and allow an opening to the outside. The site Fenêtre24offers all their advice to make your choice according to your needs!

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2 – Be simple and use neutral and sober tones. Do not try to paint a wall in a garish color or do a whole kitchen in an orange color just to have a unique decor. The colors correspond to the typology of spaces: size, format, natural luminosity. The gray so trendy, can make a room very contemporary and charming and on the contrary completely cool the space. Without counting the numerous nuances proposed. When in doubt, opt for neutral and sober tones. The white walls are not sad, on the contrary, they enlarge the space and free space to invest the decoration with objects and accessories.

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3- Speaking of decorative objects. How to choose objects and accessories for home decoration ? Start by studying the place that is available to you. No need to add accessories everywhere, the accumulation effect to be well needs to be wisely thought out. Minimalism is always more judicious when one does not know too well what is married to the whole. Gare to the paintings of the countries in which you have never been to or photos of celebrities that you do not even know. A good way to add a colorful and cozy touch is to invest on cushions, for example. A frame of vintage mirrors or paintings in a wall pan are also simple ideas and easy to prepare. Book a place for a nice shelf and bet on books, objects and plants.

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3- The plants. This is a timeless and perfect inspiration to embellish a home. Always have a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table and some indoor plants always makes a room more warm and friendly. For those who do not have the green hand, greasy plants and cacti have become the darlings of interior design. No excuses are possible. In addition, it is always possible to create a new decor with seasonal flowers. A beautiful way to always have a new decor without having to spend a lot.

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5 – Do not clutter the space. No, it’s not because you find a nice table that it will go well with you. And it’s not because you just bought a new home that you will have to buy all the furniture that you find beautiful. And it’s not because the vintage decoration is trendy that you will hunt 50 new items at Emmaus or in a flea market. Think about the size of your room and your needs. Think of the essential and with experience, add as new objects that fit your personal style. Less is more!