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A Table 150 Meters Long To Gather All Your Friends!

Table 150 Meters Long To Gather All Your Friends

You have (too many) friends to be able to gather them around a table? Rather than sorting through your address book (which may not be appreciated by those who will be deleted from the list), I suggest you gather all your friends around a table worthy of the name. And when I say worthy of the name, it is serious: This table measures 150 meters long (Ah yes anyway!)

150m long table

Well, the only problem is that to sit around this exceptionally long table, you have to go to Hong Kong, in the bookstore of the Chinese university that is there. It’s a bit far to make a party with friends … Unless you have tens of thousands of Air France Miles to spend (I do not know you, but I’m dry on that side, so I’ll wait for make the trip)

Notre: If you have observed the first picture, you will have noticed that at the turn of a hallucinating length of this table there is a cushion lounge to relax and take a break saving.

Table of 150 meters in length

150m long table by Maks

For the small story, this table of 150 m long in the form of serpentine was designed by the agency MAKS.