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Advanced Trees, Hedges & Shrubs: Increasing the Price of Your Home

Advanced Trees, Hedges & Shrubs: Increasing the Price of Your Home

If you are planning on selling your home, you must be aware of the main features which buyers look for when viewing potential properties. Most buyers will immediately assess the condition of your landscape, they want to purchase a home which has a perfectly manicured garden, littered with beautifully matured trees, shrubs and hedges.

  • Consumers Like Landscaping

Recent nationwide surveys carried out in Australia suggest that people looking to buy a home, rate the landscape as one of the most important features when deciding to place an offer on a new property. Towering mature trees don’t just look good in your garden, they also help to increase the value of your home. Some of these surveys show that a landscape which contains mature shrubs, bushes, and trees often receives considerably higher offers in comparison to other properties whose gardens have been left a little bare.

  • Privacy

One of the main reasons people go for homes which are lush with mature greenery is because they add more privacy to the surroundings, expert realtors agree that when it comes to selling a property, advanced trees and other shrubbery is a must if you wish to get a satisfactory price for your home. A well-designed garden doesn’t just command a higher asking price, it also means you’ll be able to sell your property a lot quicker. A stunning landscape surrounding a home adds curb appeal, meaning it provides potential buyers with positive first impressions.

  • Focus on the Yard

A lot of homeowners are making the mistake of focusing too much on renovating their kitchens or revamping their bathrooms when they really should be concentrating on designing an outstanding landscape. Having a beautifully manicured garden in Melbourne may be the difference between making that crucial sale or losing out to the next home on offer.

  • Planning

Studies suggest that homeowners can get close to a 100% return on investment when they hire a landscape designer. The problem with landscaping is that trees and other greenery can take up to 7 or 8 years for plants to fully mature, this is too long if you plan on selling your home soon. But, there are other alternatives, you and your landscape gardener can visit a wholesale nursery in Melbourne and purchase advanced stock such as trees, hedges, and shrubs.A nursery is basically a breeding ground for plants and trees, these companies specialise in growing all sorts of advanced products which can be bought by individuals who are involved in the landscape trade.

When planting advanced tress and other greenery, it is vitally important that you know where to put them, a professional landscaper should be on-site when choosing specific areas.

It can be difficult to find quality, advanced nurseries in Melbourne if you have no idea where to look, a quick search online should reveal several reputable companies in the area who supply mature plants, trees, and other products. A striking landscape can add considerable value to your home, so it is a must when selling.