Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Are you about to renovate your home?

renovate your home

Work with an interior designer who proves his profitability as soon as you start renovations

If you are really looking for the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, living room or basement of your dreams, the first thing on your list should be to find the right interior designer to carry your project to good. Fortunately we have already found the best in this area, so you can move directly to the realization phase.

With the interior designer that we will refer you, you can save time and money, it will accompany you at every step, from start to finish. How? Your interior designer will:

  • Give you ideas to create an attractive impact in line with your budget
  • Present a visual of your new interior
  • Develop a detailed plan to bring your vision to life according to your style and bring a plan of attack to be sure that your project runs as agreed and without exceeding the budget
  • Inform you about all aspects of your design project, helping you choose a palette of colors, good lighting, furniture, storage, floor, appliances, fenestration, artistic and decorative elements etc … by avoiding countless hours of uncertainty.
  • Optimize your living space, making sure your interior is practical, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, but also that it is aligned with your personality and your tastes.

Put the atmosphere at home with the right interior designer … and Réno-Assistance at your side

Réno-Assistance knows the good interior designers to help you with your project and we can associate them with our network of experts pre-approved by our seal of Verified Entrepreneurs 360 °. Be sure they will meet your expectations. All are certified professionals, possessing the talent and references that have proved themselves.

By contacting us, you will be supervised by one of our renovation consultants who has worked on thousands of projects. It will review yours with you to identify your needs, and will provide you with the necessary advice to select the most qualified interior designer for your project, and according to your budget … all for FREE!

Bring out your style of interior decoration

To start your project, simply fill in the form to your right. It is so easy, and without obligation.