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Before / After: A Family Home with Eclectic Decoration

Home with Eclectic Decoration

Today, we open the doors of a beautiful family home, redesigned and decorated by one of our talented interior designers. Halfway between the contemporary and the industrialist, our interior designer MISM  has found the right balance to achieve an eclectic decoration that is both pointed and easy to live in everyday, warm and welcoming! Good visit !

dining room mismatch

the dining room of Virginia, realized by My Interior Tailored.

The interior designer MISM has responded to the desires of Virginia and her husband who aspired to a decoration both timeless and timeless. Through the interactive MISM book, customers were able to easily project themselves into their inner future.

“Jean-Baptiste knew how to be very convincing and make the subject very accessible to beginners! » Virginia


Front plan: We entered the kitchen through the corridor. She was separated from the living room.plan_projeté_reig

projected plan: the partition between the kitchen and the living room was cut down so as to open it on the living room as desired by Virginia and her husband.

The Stay:

For the stay, Valerie opted for an industrial / loft style by choosing to repaint the formwork of the chimney and the beam in anthracite gray. The color allows to delimit visually the spaces, it is a very good trick to bring intimacy in a large room of life. Be careful to keep a harmony between the communicating spaces.

To accentuate the industrial side, the window frames were also painted gray. The ceilings and white walls contrast well with the gray and bring a very luminous and purified side in the manner of a loft.

At the TV corner, a deep blue-colored corner sofa has been installed as well as a table with dynamic colors and shapes in order to slicing with the white of the walls.

The coffee table, the lighting fixture and the TV cabinet also comply with industrial style codes.

Before / After: Less crowded, more modern and brighter

For the corner “bar”, Valerie has bet on a lounge atmosphere, in the manner of the cafés New York. The idea was to make this living room, a cocooning corner where you can meet simply and warmly over a drink with friends.

Before / after small lounge lounge: the small lounge is more comfortable and more acutel.

“The proposals helped us to project ourselves in our new interior and the real plus was the ease of dialogue with the various stakeholders: cook, painter, carpenter, entrepreneur …” Virginie.

The dining room :

Side dining room, a dining table has been made to measure, taking back the industrial codes that both Virginia and her husband like .. A fresco adhesive inspired street art applied on the entire wall of the dining space facing the window gives it a contemporary art gallery spirit that blends very well with the style of furniture chosen. As a continuation of the dining area, you can see the very clean kitchen which contrasts well with the dynamism of the fresco.

“We love the result! Besides, it’s simple, we spend our time inviting invitations to let our friends enjoy our beautiful home, and we do not miss an opportunity to talk to them about MISM ???? » Virginia

Before / after dining room: the dining room looks much bigger thanks to the open kitchen … The white walls make the whole much brighter.

The kitchen :

Virginie and her husband wanted an open kitchen with direct access to the dining room, so that this room became a friendly space; but nevertheless functional and aesthetic.

The partition that separated the kitchen from the dining room was removed to open the space. For the kitchen to be based in the best way possible, Valerie has privileged the low boxes and created a central island hosting the cooktops and offering complementary storage. Three bar stools were installed around this island for more conviviality.

There is a contrasting play between the different materials. The black of the worktop is opposed to the white of the facades and the wood of the columns brings a warm touch to the whole. A credence cement tile effect slice with black and white and gives character to this open kitchen.