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Choosing a Bolted Steel Tank for your Storage necessities

Bolted Steel Tank

If you are running or operating a business or an organization that has something to do with manufacturing, processing, agriculture, water systems or other facilities, then you are surely aware about the use of bolted steel tanks for your storage. A bolted steel tank maybe used to store different types of goods. It could either be solid or liquid. That includes a potable or a non-potable water as well as wastewater, drilling mud and sand. You may also store here food products.

Due to the demand and need of various business industries, installing this bolted steel tank must be done as soon as possible. Anyway, these bolted steel tank contractors can easily do the job as long as they can be able to manufacture the steel tank faster. Even if installing this tank is under time pressure, they need to make sure that the bolted steel tank will not cause any leaks. It must be durable enough to store and hold various goods. A bolted steel tank that is not properly sealed may lead to recurrent maintenance, which is not a cost-effective method of using storage tanks.

A bolted steel tank has different sections that are manufactured under a controlled high facility. After that process the manufacturers of bolted tanks will ship and send the sections to your desired site. From here the experts must have enough skills and physically fit to assemble the sections upon arrival. They have to do this efficiently and really fast with the help of machineries and tools. This type of tank acts just like welded steel tanks because they are both durable and strong. But, when it comes to flexibility and simplicity in maintenance, a bolted steel tank is leading. You may browse extra resources to know more about tanks and storage.

Availability of sizes

Do you know that bolted steel tanks vary in sizes? You may choose different capacities for your storage needs that may range from a thousand gallons to more than a million gallons. You have to choose your desired size, depending on what type of application you need. They may also customize the design of your sections, depending on the height, width and other specifications of your tank.

If the space on your site is limited, then the manufacturers can make a way to fit the tank to your limited space. Let’s say that the contractors may make it taller and narrower. Another good thing aside from the size is that it is also flexible because the size and shape of the bolted steel tank will depend on the ordered specification of the customer or client, who needs the tank.

Durability of the tank

A bolted steel tank is extremely durable. Why did I say so? Do you know that no hand can break this storage without using a machine? During the construction or installation of the bolted steel tank, the contractors need to collect the individually formed, welded and manufactured sections of the tank.

And then, they are going to bolt every section of the tank. They need to use a gasket that must be appropriate to the sections. They are going to fasten these sections. These fasteners are even capped or encapsulated with washers.

Easy to repair

What’s really good with a bolted steel tank is that it is easy to repair and it actually requires low maintenance. This only means that due to its durability, damages rarely happen.

If a problem is encountered, then they will need to check what section needs repair. The experts to not need to check on the whole bolted steel tank. They will just focus on the section that needs attention. And then, they are going to disassemble it and replace it.

Quick Installation

Due to the fact that the sections of a bolted steel tank are already manufactured before reaching the location, then everything is just purely construction, where the contractors need to assemble the sections properly.

Because of the quick installation, the client is expected to pay less fees when it comes to the labor cost. Another thing is that the storage can be used immediately right after the completion of the tank. A minimized downtime is always appreciated, especially if the storage is needed badly.