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Choosing Your Waste Sorting Bin

Choosing Your Waste Sorting Bin

The Green Revolution is on! Today, sorting household waste has become an almost trivial gesture that we accomplish on a daily basis. Like the families of northern Europe, who have adopted selective sorting well before us, the French now have the reflex to separate packaging from food, plastic and paper remains. The only problem that arises is often on the aesthetic side: how to combine deco and ecological gestures? My personalized interior answers the question by proposing several alternatives as chic as practical!

Have several garbage cans

It is not always very aesthetic to have a multi-bin trash in the kitchen, not to mention the space occupied. The solution ? Bet on the same model in several sizes and colors! The brands today compete in creativity to offer us garbage cans as beautiful as functional, with this touch of design that makes us dream. The era of the ugly and well hidden garbage is over and over: now it is exposed as a real decoration accessory! At Brabantia or Vipp, garbage cans are real objects of desire: we have cracked for pedal models with a semi-retro mid-contemporary look, ideal for all styles of interiors. All you have to do is choose a color for each type of waste and it’s time to do it!


At Brabantia, one dares the color!

We love this idea made in Ikea: customize several dirty liners by adding stickers according to the nature of the waste: practical and very economical!


Making its sorting space

If you are a little handyman, nothing prevents you from making your own waste sorting bin! At MISM, we love these models spotted on Pinterest, chic and easy to make either. A few boards of medium, a little paint, rollers (optional) and garbage cans with retro-style covers! You can also opt for a more classic flap style in the colors of your choice.


Investing in a suitable garbage can

Whether hidden in a closet or exposed in the kitchen, the waste sorting bin has evolved well in recent years! The designers finally looked at the issue by imagining several ultra design models, which one dreams of adopting. At the top of the favorites, the Tri3 created by Constance Guisset (creator of the famous suspension Vertigo!) And Grégory Cid. This vertical sorting bin, different from competing models that are horizontal, is a small jewel of design: with its three pedals and swivel compartments, it revolutionizes the style of the more conventional containers.


The totem model, which was also published by the Joseph Joseph brand, was also very popular: this ingenious trash was distinguished at Maison & Objet in September 2015 when it received the Grand Prix du Jury. More futuristic with its ovoid contours, but nevertheless very design, the model Ovetto is also part of our favorite trio!


Spotlight on composter

Selective sorting often includes a composting compound, which is becoming increasingly widespread in households. If it has long been reserved for the happy garden owners, it is gradually appearing on terraces, balconies and even in the kitchen. If you want to make one, it’s easy! Just a container with a hole in the bottom (flower pot, garbage can, bin …) that you will protect with a saucer or even a small board. Place it outdoors, in the shade. Throw away your vegetable waste (having taken care upstream to place a little soil in the bottom) and stir from time to time. For best results, consider lightly moistening your mixture from time to time and adding a bit of potting soil to your waste. That’s it !

If you do not want to make it, special kitchen models are a good alternative and can be placed directly on the worktop or on the floor (available in garden centers or large DIY areas).

composter-for-kitchen-tri-selective-mism architect-interior

Kitchen Composter (Decoration Durable)


We sort the waste even in the office with this ingenious system combining paper basket and mini-composter. Model Basketbin