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Deciding whether your Space Requires Sliding or Hinged Door Wardrobes

Deciding whether your Space Requires Sliding or Hinged Door Wardrobes

When you buy any type of furniture for your house, you wouldn’t want to go for anything out-dated and out of fashion. We all want something unique for our home, especially furniture that will gather a lot of positive attention. Typically, people pay the most attention to their living room, kitchen and dining area. It is these few places that are usually the costliest and hardest to design when renovating. The latest decor, wall hangings, appliances, wall paint, etc. are some of the requirements that need a huge investment. Hence, by the time we reach our bedroom we start compromising on things.

The bedroom is a personal area where we relax and enjoy some quality time with our loved one. One cannot think of keeping an untidy, chaotic bedroom which will only spoil your mood. Since it’s a place of comfort, intimacy and privacy, your major attention should go into revamping your bedroom.

When you decide on buying new furniture for your bedroom, the first thing that you should begin with is preparing the layout. This will include the overall dimensions of your bedroom and the size of the furniture you wish to have inside. It is important to plan in a way where the room doesn’t end up feeling congested. Even though you may have a small bedroom, you can still make it spacious by installing beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobes, which are very high in demand.

Fitted wardrobes have been in fashion for almost a decade and are a long-term investment for your home. Together with fitted wardrobes, beds are equally important and when you buy a bed, keep in mind all your little pieces of furniture that you’ll require with it such as bedside tables, lampshades etc. However, fitted wardrobes have only 2 major options that need important decision making for…

  • Sliding doors
  • Hinged doors

Let’s take a look at both one by one to understand their pros and cons –

*Sliding doors*

Sliding doors move horizontally with the assistance of runners at the top and base of the doors. The greatest benefit of sliding door wardrobes is that they don’t require much space in the room and don’t cause restrictions to the space by blocking areas while opening and closing doors. It also gives you the benefit of adding full-sized mirrors to the doors which amplify modernism and class. Such wardrobes have ample space to fit in anything such as clothes, cosmetics, accessories etc.

The downside to sliding doors is that they can sometimes cause trouble while moving when there is too much dust accumulated in the channels – thus, they need to be regularly cleaned to keep them running smoothly.

*Hinged doors*

Hinged doors, also known as swinging doors are often found in almost every traditional wardrobe design and commonly found in most houses. When you open out the doors, you get a full view of all your items at one time. Whilst, on the other hand, sliding doors hide the view of other portions of the wardrobe where the doors are drawn towards. Hinged doors also provide an extra area to hang belts, ties etc as well.

You can easily clean and maintain hinged door wardrobes and typically simpler to fit and repair than sliding wardrobes and often slightly lower in price. However, since they open outwards, they do occupy a lot more space and the bigger the door, the more space it covers. In addition to this, doors cannot be heavier than the wardrobe thus if you keep heavy items on it they will begin to make a screeching noise due to pressure.

Each fitted wardrobe has its benefits and drawbacks, and overall, the decision in which is suitable for your home lies in your taste and preference.