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Does Your Home Need Pigeon-Proofing?

Your Home Need Pigeon-Proofing

Pigeons breed throughout the year and, therefore, can present a problem for homes and businesses on an ongoing basis. The mortality rate of the birds is lower as well because the squabs remain in the nest longer. Therefore, you need to make sure the birds are discouraged from nesting or perching near or around your home or business.

Wire Mesh

One of the major deterrents that are used to control the birds is a wire mesh. Mesh that is made of galvanised steel keeps birds from nesting beneath solar panels, or in any areas where they can build a nest.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is also another good pigeon deterrent. This type of barrier is an economical solution for discouraging large populations of birds and is often used by local authorities or organisations who must safeguard many properties. Bird netting proves to be helpful in keeping pigeons from perching, nesting, or roosting outside of structures. The netting is frequently recommended around trunking and service areas.

Do You Need Long-term Bird Control?

Stainless steel bird spikes are another type of pigeon pest control in Essex. The spikes make it difficult for pigeons to land and perch on the outside of a building. Spikes are used in low and elevated locations and are advised for bird control that is needed long-term.

Bird Wire

One anti-perching deterrent that is made with a stainless steel wire and spring tension is bird wire. The wire is affixed to metal posts, which run next to flat surfaces, beams, and other structures that are often used as a ledge. If you have a long building that needs to be protected, bird wire proves to be an excellent deterrent.

Also, an optical gel can be used to keep pigeons at bay. The non-toxic gel is featured in low-profile containers. When used in the sunlight, the gel seems to display flames. Pigeons do not land where the gel is placed to protect themselves from the life-like fire.

As you can see, you have a variety of bird-proofing solutions you can use when you are trying to control pigeons. In order to make the proper decision, you need to obtain advice and assistance from a pest control service that is an expert in pigeon control.

What you choose for protection will be based on the number of birds that are inhabiting your ledges or other areas of your property, your building’s design, and your budget. If you live in a more congested area or close to the sea, you usually will find that these regions have higher bird populations. While pigeons often inhabit central London, seagulls are frequently a problem in towns near the sea.

Because people do not want the birds harmed or mistreated, pest control specialists often turn to bird control to discourage the birds from overtaking a site.