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Enjoying Your Open Fire This Winter!

Enjoying Your Open Fire This Winter

It can get very cold and miserable during the winter months and there’s nothing that compares to a warm fireplace to keep us cosy and comfortable! For anyone lucky enough to have a traditional fireplace, they represent a form of heating that dates back many hundreds of years. They may have their share of social detractors these days but seeing the flames dancing in the fireplace can certainly set one’s mind at ease. Besides which, who wouldn’t want to spend a romantic evening beside a warm fire?

How to Maintain Your Chimney

Of course, enjoying a traditional fireplace also means some pretty regular maintenance routines. In this sense, keeping a clean chimney is very important and many people opt to hire professional chimney sweeps in Berkshire because it is easier and also because they know exactly what they are doing.

The fact is that a chimney ensures that the smoke and other fumes from the fire are taken away from the home and released into the atmosphere. The trouble is that over time, the chimney can become clogged and blocked up with the by-products of the fire. This is when it is time to seek out an experienced chimney sweep.

Here’s why you should have your chimney regularly cleaned and maintained:

  • The Creosote Risk: Open fires create more than just simple smoke and some of the chemicals are toxic if they are not taken away by a chimney. One substance that coats the lining of every chimney is creosote. This material sticks to the inside of every chimney as it is drawn up when the fire is active. The problem is that this creosote coating needs to be cleaned away lest it form blockages and clogs in the chimney. Creosote is also flammable, meaning that it can also catch alight.
  • A Blocked Chimney: A clogged-up chimney is also an inefficient chimney. This means that it is just not removing as much of the smoke and other gases from the fire as it should. When a chimney is this inefficient, it can lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide in the home. This gas can create headaches, drowsiness, unconsciousness, and even death.

When to Call in the Chimney Sweep

Given the risks, it is important to know when to call out the chimney sweep. If you notice that the fires you stoke are weak or struggling to burn properly, it could be that your chimney is blocked and is not providing the outlet that it should. If you also notice smoke entering the room or that you are becoming unusually drowsy, it is important to callout an expert chimney sweep as soon as possible.

Fireplaces and fires are certainly lovely and relaxing on a cold winter’s night but they also require regular maintenance. In order to avoid any health problems, make sure that you call out a local chimney sweep regularly.