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Expanding Your Living Area to the Great Outdoors

Expanding Your Living Area to the Great Outdoors

Australians know how to make the most of their living spaces. Instead of adding extensions to their homes, they expand their living spaces to the great outdoors. By taking this approach, they can also focus on including furnishings that are designed especially for outdoor use.

That is why outdoor lounge systems are favourites amongst Australian homeowners. Lounge systems featured online are not only beautiful but they are functional for outdoor use as well. For example, many of the lounge systems feature a stainless steel frame and adjustable back panels and arms. The cushioned seats are comfortable yet supportive and the fabrics are made for high performance.

An Ideal Outdoor Furnishing

Displaying a slim look and clean lines, a lounge system can be easily incorporated into both large and small outdoor areas. In addition, the furnishings are made of metal tubing, which minimises their overall weight and makes them simple to transport. All the furnishings today normally feature a five-year structural warranty.

A Large Selections of Types and Styles

You can choose from a wide variety of outdoor furnishings on such sites as lavitafurniture.com.au. Instead of spending a hefty amount of cash on building an extension, you can expand your outdoor living area and invest the money in lovely outdoor furniture. Besides lounge systems made of stainless steel, you can select from the following:

  • Outdoor furniture made of aluminium
  • Wicker furniture
  • Outdoor bars
  • Balcony furniture
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Fabric outdoor furniture

Relax Outdoors

You can even expand your space so that you can sleep outside. Outdoor beds are another featured outdoor furnishing. Select from outdoor sun lounges, canopy daybeds, and outdoor sunbeds. One of the grand outdoor beds is the canopy daybed. This spacious furnishing is designed to become an immediate centrepiece in a patio or garden area.

The canopy protects users from the sun, which allows them to bask and relax even during midday. Made of wicker, the furniture is easy to move yet stylish to view. Two lunette stools can be used as side tables or foot rests, per your preferences.

Do You Need a Dining Table and Chairs?

Naturally, if you like to entertain, you will want to include a dining table and chairs amongst your outdoor furnishings. Outdoor tables and chairs are made with outdoor-friendly materials such as wicker, aluminium, and stainless steel. One of the popular wicker groupings comes in chocolate or black and is designed with a resin that is fade-resistant and waterproof.

The covers for the seats’ cushions are removable and washable. A tempered glass tabletop design completes the look nicely. Fabric colours for the seats can be coordinated with your indoor and outdoor decors and come in such eye-pleasing shades as solid grey, natural teal, antique white, and classic white.