Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Home building software that evolves thanks to its users!

Home building software that evolves thanks to its users!

At the beginning of the year, users of the  Cedreo Home Planner building software were solicited in  order to collect their opinions and the points of improvement they wished to see brought to the software. There were many answers and suggestions of particular relevance. Here are the figures, the ideas and especially what this study has and will generate as evolutions, in the software. Let’s go !

1- Some figures: good news, you are very satisfied with Cedreo Home Planner: software and support
Customers Cedreo Home Planner very satisfied

100% of users who answered our questionnaire are satisfied or very satisfied with the use of Cedreo Home Planner .

Customer support was also highlighted. In order to further improve the user experience and provide effective responses in the creation of  real estate projects , new tools have been set up, in addition to telephone support: webinars (accessible to Cedreo Home Planner users ) and as blog articles revealing the tricks to develop and quickly draw preliminary projects.

2 – Improvements requested by users Cedreo Home Planner:

The 3 most requested features when investigating Cedreo Home Planner, home building software,  are:

  1. Simplify the construction of roofs
  2. Develop product offerings for external perspectives
  3. Increase the coating library
3 – Answers from the Cedreo team

1 – Simplify the construction of roofs

The Roof step has been completely redesigned by the development team and will be deployed in the fall.

Among the new features:

  • Choice of type of roof (single-slope, 2-sided, multi-sided, flat) before plotting
  • Automatic or Advanced Free Mode
  • Improved selection
  • Viewing overflows
  • Adding / Removing points in the roof design
  • Gutters and automatic descents
  • Integration of gibbets and dormers in just a few clicks
  • Automatic noue
  • Insert roof windows in 1 click
  • Improved management of acroters
  • Management of the canteen

The priority has been to increase the ease of use of the roofing step in addition to the new features.

2 – Develop product offerings for external perspectives

As evoked in the blog article on external perspectives , the sections Exterior North and Exterior South were declined in Town and Country. The product offer is particularly rich: furniture, lighting, trees, property boundaries, pergolas, games, not Japanese, plants, among others. And as a bonus: vegetable gardens and a barbecue.

3 – Increase the library of coatings

The tiles all have a characteristic curved appearance.The terraces have a greater choice of coverings. In the Coating stage, a new section Cuisine offers specific shades for façades and worktops that blend beautifully with new kitchen furniture. Weber coatings are available in coatings and offer the whole range of scrapers, trowels and die stamps. Thanks again to the users who, with their suggestions and recommendations, make Cedreo Home Planner the flagship software for pre-projects in single-family homes. Appointment soon with a new and enriched version.