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How long can we keep filtered water

How long can we keep filtered water

Each food product has its expiration date and the time range we have to use the product after opening its packaging.

This is the case for many products and cosmetics, as well as water.Many of us have no idea that bottled water, as well as filtered water has its expiration date.

Water, like any other product, may lose its nutritional value as a result of high temperatures or moisture and algal blooms may occur.

What is the expiration date of water after filtering?

Tap water, due to numerous regulations, must meet standards that make it safe to drink and all harmful substances are removed by means of chlorine. Water that is directly filtered, is free of chlorine, and can be further enriched with soda, potassium or magnesium ions. Due to the valuable micro nutrients, water filtered with DAFI jugs may be an alternative to bottled water.

Considering the quality of filtered water, it is recommended to use it for a period not longer than 12 hours from its filtration. The same goes for bottled water, when it is opened, it should be used within 12 hours.

If in a jug, in a container for purified water, there is water that was filtered several hours beforehand, it must pour fresh water and filter again. Thanks to this, the water we drink will always be fresh and fully valuable.

In addition, it is worth remembering that in the period when we do not use the jug, it has to be stored in a cool place, sheltered from the sun, even in the fridge.

This effectively prolongsthe effect of the filter and prevents the formation of undesirable micro nutrients in the water.

No matter if you use bottled water or a filter bottle, you should drink up to 12 hours after opening or filtering. This is the time when water is the healthiest, fully suitable for drinking and rich in beneficial micro nutrients. After 12 hours, various bacteria can form in it.