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How the Installation of a Pool Can Enhance Your Quality of Life

How the Installation of a Pool Can Enhance Your Quality of Life

If you are considering installing an in-ground pool in your yard, you may want to review the benefits of a sprayed concrete design. This type of installation provides an exceptionally strong construction and uses steel rods that have been sprayed with concrete to form the shell’s base. The base is then waterproofed before it is tiled for finishing. This type of construction is considered a luxury installation and is what most homeowners think about when an in-ground installation is made.

A Bespoke In-ground Pool

You will find there are a number of benefits associated with a sprayed concrete pool. One of the reasons pool owners like this type of pool installation is because it can be customised. You can design a sprayed concrete pool in any size or shape. Therefore, any design can be turned into a reality. If you are seeking a unique pool design, you will want to choose this type of pool construction.

A Dream Pool Creation

Because you can size and shape the pool per your preferences, you have more flexibility when selecting a style. Some of the features that can be built into this type of pool are a tanning edge or infinity edge design. As a result, you can create a dream pool – one that can only be described as a one-of-a-kind creation.

A Renovation that Is Designed to Last

Because of the method of construction that is used, a sprayed concrete pool will last for a long time. If you plan to use your pool extensively, a sprayed concrete pool is your best renovation option. However, to experience the aforementioned advantages, you will pay a higher price.

A Lower Need for Repair

This is a higher end pool design, which means you should not be off-put by the cost. When you have this type of pool installed, you will not need to spend money later on a shell refurbishment. Therefore, the initial cost is offset by a lower need for repair.


Nevertheless, you still need to clean or sweep a sprayed concrete pool more than a pool with a liner or one that is made of vinyl. Because the surface is porous, algae tends to form more often than it does when a liner or vinyl is used in a pool’s design.

Because the tile surface that is used in a sprayed concrete pool is more porous, you may need more in terms of filtration or chemicals. Again, you need to include these products to prevent algae growth.

Installation Time

Sprayed concrete pools, however, are bespoke pools that will enhance the look of your yard and increase the value of your property. Because they are unique and durable, they also take longer to install. Expect the project to take, on average, about six months overall.