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How to Arrange a Furnished Apartment for a Rental?

Arrange a Furnished Apartment for a Rental

Are you the owner of a furnished property that you wish to rent? Excellent idea ! Before you start looking for a tenant, it is nevertheless essential to make your home comfortable and functional, while complying with the law in force. Follow the tips of My Tailored Inside to be sure of your choices in furniture and appliances, but also to be guided on the best way to arrange them!

What the law says ?

More and more individuals are investing in stone by choosing to buy a property for rental: an excellent investment, which can be declined in several forms. You can choose to rent your house or apartment under a short term contract (by renting your property via AirBnb platforms) or by renting classic, empty or furnished. As French taxation is more favorable to rented furnished dwellings, many landlords opt for this status. If you are tempted by this option, please note that a decree (2015-981, dated 31 July 2015) specifying mandatory equipment for all furnished dwellings has been in existence for two years, (this does not apply to short-term rentals).

  • Bedding including duvet or blanket
  • Window shielding device in rooms for use as a bedroom
  • Hotplates
  • Oven or Microwave
  • Refrigerator and freezer or, as a minimum, a refrigerator equipped with a compartment allowing a temperature of -6 ° C or less
  • Dishes needed for meals
  • Cooking tools
  • Table and seats
  • Storage Shelves
  • Lighting
  • Household equipment adapted to the characteristics of the dwelling.

Simple colors, a harmonious and practical set … This apartment has everything good! (Photo: Ikea)

Choose functional and easy to maintain furniture

Your accommodation must therefore contain all the elements necessary for sleep and everyday life. To counter the inevitable wear of your furniture – which is damaged by the high turnover of tenants – choose items without any sentimental value. Exit family furniture and valuable items, place to the furniture from the supermarket! Practical and easy to live in everyday life, it is not afraid of lack of maintenance and is easy to replace when it is too worn. Choosing the moderately priced feature does not, fortunately, preclude aesthetics: brands now offer enough style choices to allow you to create a cozy cocoon for less! Think of your arrangement in a rational way by privileging the storage and the furniture with double function, while leaving enough room to circulate in each room. Same as your flooring, walls and floors: they must be solid and easy to maintain on a daily basis. Prefer tile or parquet instead of carpet for your floors, washable paint or a glass canvas on walls, easy to clean or repaint.

Think of sufficient storage space. Your tenant must be able to feel at home in every room of the house! (Photo: Ikea)

Focusing on sobriety

On the aesthetic side, the rule is the same when you rent or sell your property: it must please the greatest number! Your future tenant must be able to project himself immediately into the dwelling, which must be depersonalized to the maximum. Avoid placing unnecessary knick-knacks or accessories on them, and emphasize simplicity in terms of style or color: neutral tones on walls, classic style furniture and light colored flooring.

Care for decoration

This is the most delicate part. As everyone knows, all tastes and colors are in nature! The decorative part must therefore be limited to a homogeneous set of furniture (avoid overdrive, the decoration must still be harmonious!) And some basic and practical accessories (a carpet in the living room, a nice mirror in the bathroom, etc.). Here again, do not choose items of any financial or sentimental value! You might regret the lack of care of some tenants

Only decorative touch in this room: the carpet. The rest is sober so that the tenant can project and integrate its own decoration! (Photo: Stars of Reims)

Do not forget home appliances

Latest essential items, appliances. Choose simple, easy-to-use, everyday items. Make sure your tenant has access to the basics for cooking: oven, hotplates, refrigerator, dishes, pans and pans. Opt for simple, inexpensive dishes!