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How to Clear a Drain Blockage

Clear a Drain Blockage

Drain pipes can get blocked due to a variety of reasons. The drain pipe is designed to carry all of the wastewater from the building out into the municipal sewage lines. Compared to the other pipelines used in the plumbing system, the drain pipe has a slightly larger circumference to allow all of the foreign objects to pass through as well. But, every so often, something more significant may get stuck in the drain pipes, thus blocking them. Even if it is something small jutting out from the surface of one of the pipelines, it won’t be long before other items get stuck to it.

With time, the blockage is going to grow, and before you know it, there will be very little space left for the water to flow freely. If you allow a drain blockage to remain, it could spell out a severe sanitary hazard for your place, and it’s vital that you take precautions right away. Figuring out the exact point of the blockage can be quite tricky, and it’s usually not a wise move to tamper with the drain blockage all by yourself. Instead, you should call a professional plumber to help clear drain blockage in Sevenoaks. Here are a few ways by which professional plumbing companies unblock drain blockages.

Jet Washing

When you first call a professional plumbing company and explain to them the issue of a drain blockage, they are going to ask you to stop using the drains and then schedule an appointment to visit your place. The primary method used for clearing any blockage in the drain pipes is to use a jet wash. The company will connect a hose leading straight into the drain pipes, and run water at very high speeds and pressure through the drain pipes to get rid of any blockage that might exist within. Jet washing is a pretty standard tactic that is used for clearing out a drain blockage. It doesn’t cost a great deal of money, and the sheer force with which the water flows through the pipes is more than enough to remove all sorts of obstacles from within the drain pipe.

Using Acids

If the jet wash is unable to clear the drain pipe and the blockage still exists, there are other ways to remove it as well. A prevalent method used is to run potent acids through the drain pipes, which can melt things like fats and oils that often get stuck around the sides of the drain pipe and obstructs the flow of water. These are two of the most common methods that are used for removing a blockage in the drain pipes.