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How to Make New Items Look Like Antiques

How to Make New Items Look Like Antiques

Antique items are some of the most sought-after commodities on the market today. The definition of an antique differs depending on the item, the kind of item it is, and whoever is purchasing it. Some people might consider different items to be antiques. No matter what you consider to be an antique, it’s likely you are looking for certain things. One of the aspects people are looking for is the patina that comes from age.

Antique Patina

The patina that comes from age is the result of dirt and oils that build up on items, especially metal items. Metal items gather dirt and dust over the years. Every time they are handled, they pick up oil from your hands. That oil tends to build up in the crevices and corners of the items. Over several years, that buildup changes the colour of the metal items; however, it does not warp the colour in a uniform way. It often leads to the high points of the metal item being worn smoother and brighter. The crevices and corners tend to darken because they collect dirt and oil. This uneven patina is very popular and very attractive. However, antiques can also be very expensive and very fragile. If you want the look of antiques without the expense and the fragility, you need an antiquing company.

Antiquing Metal

If you want metal items that look like antiques but don’t cost you as much money and aren’t as fragile, you need to choose a company that can antique your items for you. Look for a company that blacks metal using a chemical process. Blacking and antiquing metal are very similar processes. They’re most commonly used for industrial applications or firearms. When applied to a firearm, they are typically blued instead of blacked.

To antique a metal, the blacking chemical is applied in an uneven manner so that it mimics the uneven patina that develops over decades on antique items. The deeper nooks and crannies are blacked while the more prominent, exposed areas of the metal become worn smooth. It is the best way to get that antique look without spending a lot of money on antiques.

Antiquing your metal items is also useful because it helps protect them. The antiquing chemical changes the chemical structure of the metal surface to prevent rust and corrosion. The surface of metals, ferrous and nonferrous, can react to different chemicals. Those reactions often occur in the form of corrosion, rust, and discolouring. If you want to avoid those, you need to change the chemical structure of the surface. Antiquing will do just that. It creates a layer of protection over the surface of the metal so that it will look great for years to come. It will look like an antique without the actual fragility of an antique.