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Installing a New Foxtel Connection

Installing a New Foxtel Connection

Foxtel is one of the leading cable companies throughout Australia. The company offers cable and satellite television, IPTV catch-up, as well as internet services. In fact, the company has a virtual monopoly over the television market, offering an extensive array of cable television services. If you are interested in deploying a connection in your house from Foxtel, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind. You can get the connection installed through any local company in your area. Most cable specialists offer a range of services, including TV wall mounting, reconnecting your internet and cable after moving in a new house, boosting WiFi, installing digital antennas, or troubleshooting common problems.

If you want to install a new Foxtel connection, you should search online for local Foxtel installers in your area. Technical installation work must be done by a trained professional, and you should be present at home when the technician arrives. If you are not going to be there, you should at least ensure that a person above 18 is present at home. Otherwise, the technician may not enter, and you will have to reschedule. According to official guidelines, the connection can only be installed in the presence of a person above 18.

Time Duration

Every home is different, and the technician will first determine where to install the cable connections and make sure that the wire is passed seamlessly through the house. Obviously, you will want to ensure that the cable is neatly tucked around the walls or that it passes above and doesn’t cause an obstruction in your movement if you have a false ceiling. Therefore, the recommended timeframe for the installation is anywhere between one to five hours. In some cases, if the cable wiring needs to be rerouted all the way to your TV, it may take even longer.


If there’s any heavy furniture, you should remove it. Secondly, the technician will want to access the back of the TV, so if you have a digital home theatre at home and a TV that is encased in a frame, you might want to keep it unlocked and remove the TV so that the technician can work properly without any time delays. Furthermore, if you have just bought a new TV, you should take it out and set it up before the technician arrives at your place. Connect it to a power outlet and make sure that it’s running so that the technician can get to work. Apart from that, you should know where the manholes are located in the roof, as the technician will want to access those. If you are renting a house, do get permission from your landlord or landlady to install the connection.