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Kitchen layout: the ABC of a well thought out kitchen!

Kitchen layout

The kitchen is a central place in a house. We want it warm, aesthetic but also pratico-practical! Where to start for a successful reno? Well before the decoration, we must think ergonomics.

The triangle fridge, stove, sink

The kitchen is generally divided into three zones:

  • preparing and cooking food (counter / stove),
  • washing of food and dishes (sink),
  • storage and storage of food (refrigerator).

In a kitchen design or renovation plan, these three elements must first be considered. They must be kept at a short distance from one another and any obstacles which prevent their use must be avoided. In calculating your space, do not forget to plan the doors open or closed appliances!

triangle-kitchen reno-support

Counter height and access to equipment

How many people use the kitchen? Do children or people with mobility impairments have access to it?

To avoid back problems or risky movements, you have to consider various ergonomic factors, such as the height of the counters. Different counter height can be provided as required. It is also necessary to be able to reach the devices easily.

Sliding or rotating shelves can be added to easily access your storage and kitchen tools.

It is always better to shop in advance for appliances in order to know their dimensions which are not always standard.

Inspiration drawers kitchen Réno-AssistanceSecurity

It should also be ensured that potentially dangerous objects and devices are not within reach of children. Ideally, we also want a floor that is not slippery (and we want it to be easy to clean!).

You can use colors and textures that are contrasted. This makes it possible to clearly define zones and to better see the contours of counters and furniture.

Good lighting is essential. Do not neglect this aspect. It must be sufficient, but uniform, so as not to create glare or shadow. You may also want to consider installing a night motion detector with progressive lighting.

It moves so much in a kitchen and an accident is so quickly arrived! The details make all the difference.

What is a cook?

Many details need to be taken into account to make the kitchen as functional as possible. So it’s a very good idea to do business with a cook . This professional specializes in kitchen design. He thinks about all the technical, ergonomic aspects of a kitchen. If you have special needs, he can also work with an occupational therapist to make your new room adaptable and personalized.

kitchen planWith all the time you spend in a kitchen, it’s worth making a thoughtful plan before embarking on its renovation!

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