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Marble Inlay Pietra Dura Table Tops

Marble Inlay Pietra Dura Table Tops

Inlay Marble Crafts are the supporter of Marble Inlay Art or Parchinkari or Pietra Dura. We started as a Small Factory in 1990 with only five craftsmen working in a factory. We create well ordered by locking down and set in a gigantic plant in which around 50 craftsmen worked and now we make a noteworthy arrangement of craftsmen working in Agra. Hundred of articles having a touch of workmanship that upgraded Taj Mahal and other Mughal Monuments has been made by different craftsmen to shield this uncommon and an established workmanship.

People begin from wherever all through the world welcome this workmanship ensuing to seeing the greatness of this craftsmanship. They need to have the Articles of this art. We are here to give you the bits of this persuaded art. The articles we made are set up by high skilled craftsmen in our premises. This workmanship has been enriched to the craftsmen by their ancestors, who took in this workmanship from craftsmen of the Mughal time. We take the idea of or thing really and purchase finest quality marble from Makhrana town in Rajasthan. Certified quality,  phenomenal and picked stunning semi-valuable stones with significantly dealt with the methods are used to trimmed in Marble Inlay Decorative Articles.

We put forward a stunning extent of Marble Inlay Pietra Dura Table which is complicatedly cut alive and well and jewelled with brilliant semi-important stones. Our craftsmen can change any traditional tale into a splendid ideal masterpiece by designated these with our extent of Marble Inlay Pietra Dura Table Tops. Our craftsmen put in heaps of tries and constant work to set up these Marble Inlay Pietra Dura Table. We have heaved massive thankfulness for these things the entire route over the globe for their strong toughness and for being flawless. These Pietra Dura Dining Table Top and on Pietra Dura have the different shape like Round Table Top, Octagonal Table Top, Rectangle/Dining table Tops, Square Table Tops, Chess Table Tops, Taj Mahal Table Tops, Custom Designs Table Tops moreover impact plain and embellish To marble Table Top Base and Stand. We moreover meet changed essential and offer our Pietra Dura Coffee Table Top at industry driving expense.

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