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Outdoor kitchen: 5 planning tips

Outdoor kitchen

Are you planning to create an outdoor kitchen to enjoy the beautiful season? Here are five tips for everything to bathe!

The configuration of our outdoor kitchen

Taking time to reflect on its location and the elements that will constitute it is essential. Four important points to watch for:

  • To facilitate access to water and electricity, one should ideally choose a place near the house.
  • The layout of the outdoor kitchen should include space for the circulation of the guests. We may be outdoors, if there are too many furniture, we will feel cramped.
  • The cooking zone? Avoid putting it too close to the windows of the house or the guests. The smoke from the barbecue could spoil the party!
  • We make sure our kitchen fits in with the landscaping. It would be a shame to have to cut a tree to build it. The good idea? A specialist is used.

outdoor kitchenWe choose the right materials

Durable and weather-resistant materials such as stone, stainless steel, embossed concrete or brick are used. Wood is preferred? It will then be necessary to expect an assiduous interview. We also think about the style of our house. Is it the material that we are about to choose?

The shelter

Whether it is a canopy attached to the house, a semi-open or full roof, it is better to provide shelter. It will protect us from the rain or the heavy sun. But if a simple umbrella at the dining table suits us, we may want to cover the cooking area. The goal? Protect the cook and the skewers he is about to serve.

outdoor retractable awningTo stay outside  

To avoid back and forth to the house, it is better to think about the essentials you will need. Apart from a barbecue, the ideal outdoor kitchen includes a large work area, a washbasin, a fridge, dishwasher and utensils, and a garbage can. Of course, it all depends on the budget and the space available.

To make the pleasure last

Since a summer kitchen is arranged, as well find ways to enjoy it as long as possible. We think of integrating elements such as light fixtures to stretch evenings or fans for scorching afternoons. Is the weather cool? No question of sulking our pleasure. With terraced heaters, you will be ahead of the warm season and you will have a nose in the fall!

living roomTo know! There are other ways to enjoy the sun all year round. We read this article for inspiration: Add a solarium to a house to extend the summer