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Points To Ponder Before Remodling Your Bathroom


Redesigning your bathroom is an exciting venture. However, jumping in without equipping yourself with sufficient information may make you regret later. There are certain basic things to consider before moving in for bathroom remodeling. Some of such expert tips regarding bathroom remodeling are discussed in this article.

  • Make your budget-

Plan your budget first and let your dream expectations be on the back seat. Prior analysis of budget is important in any remodeling. The total cost of the project depends on many factors- bathroom size, quality of materials you wish to buy and cost of labor. Labor cost depends on whether you are willing to do some labor yourself or hire a person. Cost will also depend on whether you want to replace the fixtures and appliances. Any issue related to plumbing or electricity may increase the total expenditure. Always follow the thumb rule- ‘budget for the unexpected’.

  • Maximum utilization of space-

If your bathroom has limited space, you may have potential traffic problems and the swing of the entry or shower door. In such conditions corner sinks can be a good idea. Small sized bathtubs can be used. Such tubs suiting bathroom size are available in many attractive designs in the market.

  • Refer the standards-

Before starting remodeling, always refer to the standard dimensions recommended for bathtub and toilet space. Such references may help you achieve perfection in smaller space.

  • Exquisite lighting patterns-

Lighting pattern in layers gives the illusion of space maximization in the bathroom. Such layers include task, ambient, decorative and accent. Fixtures for high intensity lights must be used above areas used for shaving or applying make-up.

  • Floor pattern-

Slope is an important factor for proper drainage. Larger tiles are tougher to slope and are slippery unless textured. Smaller tiles can be sloped in \more controlled manner and offers more friction. These can be the first choice for shower floors.

  • Hide the toilet-

You may never want a visitor to see toilet first in your bathroom as it can often be discreet. Professional advice for hiding the toilet from the bathroom entrance can be a good idea. Another option can be the use of framed wall or a piece of furniture.

  • Choose what is best for you-

This approach is important in best utilization of space when you have limited area. An example can be the choice between a shower and bathtub. Nowadays, many people are replacing old unused bathtubs with shower spaces. Such spaces are environment friendly and may save you water and money in the long run. These look more stylish and trendy.

  • Plan before you start-

Bathroom remodeling is not a self-doing job. Working with a professional and planning everything in advance will make you project cheaper and accomplish perfection. Hybrid Construction LLC, the General Contractors from Florida, provides best bathroom remodeling services and may help you get a near perfect finish. Seeking such advice can give you a bathroom of your dreams without any wastage of money and resources.