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Storage ideas to Maximize Small Bedrooms

Storage ideas to Maximize Small Bedrooms

They say that your bedroom is a reflection of what you are. If you think that it is true, it is not yet too late to change your ways. You should start thinking about cleaning or organizing your small bedroom. It is understandable that there will come a time you are too busy to even fold your beddings or put used clothes in the hamper but this is not an excuse.

For small rooms, your priority should be to remove the clutter. You can do this by considering storage ideas. The good news is that there are many storage ideas to maximize bedroom spaces like houspire.com. You just decide whether to DIY or hire a hand to install storage ideas. Whatever you decide, the important thing is you are doing something to improve your bedroom environment.

Here are some storage ideas to maximize small bedrooms that you can consider:

Install shelves along bedroom walls

You have to realize that the least-used space in your bedroom is the wall. The wall holds so much potential and maximizing it can make more storage space in the long run. You should think about putting shelves 12 inches below your ceiling to increase storage space.

Use binder clips to hang the cords

The cords of your iPhone or MacBook take a lot of space – you just do not notice it. Aside from consuming space, it also looks very untidy especially if they are tangled. You should think about organizing the cords now. The cheapest way to organize it is through using binder clips. Clip the binders on your table and use the arms to put the cords.

Put clothes rack in the corner

For girls, one closet isn’t enough. If you want to add more closets, make sure to put it in an empty corner. Install a closet in the empty corner and start hanging clothes there.

Utilize a crown molding for the shoes

For girls with many shoes, putting it on the wall is an excellent idea to showcase the beauty of the shoes and save space at the same time. You do not need to store it inside the box. Instead, look for a crown molding and put it on your wall. Hang the shoes through its sole.

Choose the right bed

If you think that your bedroom is more of a bed than the room, it is time to either maximize it or replace it. When maximizing it, you have to think of ways so you can store more things staring at the top of the bed.

There you go.  Remember that organizing is not a one-night thing. You have to practice it always.