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The History and Buying Guide for Venetian Blinds

The History and Buying Guide for Venetian Blinds

Don’t get confused along the way when we mention horizontal blinds. That is another name for Venetian blinds. In the past controlling light was a strange idea. So these people would be woken up with bright lights from the sun in the wee hours. Thisis unimaginable these days because we are so used to window covers and blinds online we don’t realise they are important.

The Beginning

The name might have fooled you already. They don’t originally come from Venice, Italy. However, the Venetians played a big role in spreading them across Europe because they were merchants. The Persians are the original owners of the designs we use today. This cannot end without mentioning the Chinese and Egyptians who made similar window covering by the use of reeds and bamboo.

In the 18th century, Americans had the taste of these horizontal blinds through John Webster for the first time. With time, they were fully adopted and were installed in offices and homes.

The Significant Dates in the History of Horizontal Blinds

  • A Frenchman advertised adjustable blinds in 1757
  • 1769 patenting of the first Venetian blind by Edward Bevan
  • 1841 invention of angle control
  • 1946 introduction of aluminium horizontal blinds
  • The 21st century — you can get blinds online

How do They Work?

They are typically made of wood and aluminium with the ability to be raised or lowered to the level the user wants them using a cord. You can get precise control over a light entry in your room.

The Available Styles

When you look for blinds online there are plenty of styles when it comes to the Venetian blinds. There are a few materials that can make them – usually metals, wood and some plastics.

They also vary in sizes which are entirely dependent upon the style and make. This difference arises in the widths of the slats. There are unique styles you can opt for that arises from materials used to make them.

Colour is also an integral part of style with these blinds online. They come in a lot of colour coatings and others with natural finishes especially those made with wood. You can choose to lighten up the room ambiance by picking contrasting colours. To add style to your designs, you can pick those with tassels and tapes.

The Advantages of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds online are very attractive, and this is one of the advantages you get from them.  Interior designers really love them because they make their work simpler. They use materials that are easy to design and apply colour coatings. Everyone has an option in the market.

And because you are focusing on the lightcontrol, you will get the total control of the light you can let in your room or office. It lets you do your private stuff without outsiders seeing through it.

Their maintenance is comparably the easiest. You do not need to pull them down to clean them. A wipe is enough even as you are standing on the ground because of the materials used to make it. You can get blinds onlineto get a first-hand experience with them.