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What exactly is a Jungle Gym and why are They So Popular?

exactly is a Jungle Gym and why are They So Popular

You must have seen one somewhere, (well, if you’re a parent or child caretaker that is!). The humble jungle gym is an item of playground equipment which was specifically designed and developed to be played on safely by children.

The famous name has both a generic and a particular use.

Generically speaking, it can refer to any of a varied range of playing apparatus designs on which children can climb around and play, or one which can be converted into the likes of a fort, castle, or any other similar structure for children’s playing purposes.

  • The original Jungle gym was a specific type of play equipment made with strongly connected bars, and was designed in 1920 by an American lawyer by the name of Sebastian Hinton and was also patented by him.

A Safe Place for Children

When he was designing the jungle gym, Hinton’s invention was made to provide children with a safe environment in which to climb in, noting that the facilities at the time, were usually not available to them.

  • He also considered other sorts of movement, such as swinging and crouching, and even other pursuits, like playing tag.
  • He also developed his plans as being open-ended, in order for different sizescould accommodate the size of any children who were going to play on it.

The jungle gym was creatively designed to allow for movement in every direction via a system of cubes, so that any child would be able to go straight up, to each side, in zig zags, or various other directional choices, and then always have many supports on which they could hold on to safely.

Whilst considering the possibility of any kind of a fall, he came up with the idea that ropes would fit the bill be solidly secured across the bottom levels of all the lowest cubes for extra secure footing.

Now Commonly Seen in People’s Gardens and Backyards!

And while Hinton thought that envisioned his wonderful creation would only be seen in children’s playgrounds, generic jungle gym equipment is nowadays frequently found in people’sgardens and backyards. Along with rubber softfall playgrounds these are both the most popular places in the world where lots of children just love to play.

  • Some more modern playing equipment does make use of rope, but the majority of them nowadays have open bottoms, which help to safeguard children.

These are commonly placed over a safe, suitable, and specially prepared surface area, made from the likes of wood chips or some other material.

Many Variations

There are many differences in the sizes and shapes of jungle gyms, with a number of the playing apparatus having many different areas for doing some climbing, swinging, sliding, crawling, balancing, to name a few!

There are some specialist companies that even invite customers to customise the shape and design of any jungle gym,which they wish to purchase for their children to play on.