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Window Cleaning: When to Do It!

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be one of the easiest chores or the most horrid of experiences depending on when you actually decide to do it! Imagine cleaning the same spot over and over and over again, painful right? The task then ends up feeling extremely redundant because you keep missing a spot you clearly remember cleaning. Inevitably streakiness has won the fight and your windows are clearer than they were before you started cleaning them. What if you eliminate this by identifying when is best to clean your windows? Window cleaning takes place year-round across the globe however not every day will be the ideal time to get the finish you want.

Window cleaning and the seasons


Studies have shown that spring is the ideal time to do cleaning of all sorts and cleaning your windows is no exception to this. After the gloomy winter season, your windows are often left with heavy dirt and grime that is quite difficult to get rid of. However, you can optimize your window cleaning experience by choosing a time of day before the sun is at its peak and the occurrence of wind is much less. Once these tips are taken into consideration your windows will be good as new in half the time.


Window cleaning is not limited to any particular season as your windows can get messy at any time. For many avid window cleaning professionals, the autumn season can also be favourable for window cleaning. It is undeniable that autumn normally brings heavy showers however proper timing can allow you to clean your windows before the sky bursts open with tears. Windows and heavy showers might not seem like the best combination, but I have never seen an already clean window frown at the rain. This season can help your windows muster up the extra shine as they say bye to the streakiness while drying slowly on temperate days.


Window cleaning on summer mornings may also be a wonderful experience. The air at this time is not too dry, neither is it too moist hence it presents an ideal situation for window cleaning. The only disadvantage is once the sun is approaching its peak the process becomes increasingly difficult. The heat from the sun dries the detergent or soapy water quickly as it is being used to clean the windows; thereby increasing the windows susceptibility to streakiness. Window cleaning in the summer is also difficult because the heat presents a tough environment to work in. To combat this stay hydrated or prepare to work at the crack of dawn.

Window cleaning can be done at any time once you assess your conditions properly to ensure the best possible results!